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Taiwan YuDing remote control F23-C

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摘要: F23-BB introduction: the Product Description the Product DescriptionThe emitter (portable)Size: 21.8 x6.0 x6.0 centimetersWeight: about 350 gramsThe receiverSize: x23x7 29 cmWeight: 1900 g* 8 operatio ...

F23-BB introduction: the Product Description the Product Description
The emitter (portable)
Size: 21.8 x6.0 x6.0 centimeters
Weight: about 350 grams
The receiver
Size: x23x7 29 cm
Weight: 1900 g
* 8 operation buttons, only seven only two sections of buttons, one always stop
* control points up to 15
* with the battery voltage alarm device, when voltage is insufficient to cut off the circuit itself. 
* security key switch, use prevent not grantee.

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