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Large steel structure sliding construction installation

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摘要: Computer control integrally jack-up and ascend technology is an advanced steel structure with large equipment installation technology, which combines mechanical, hydraulic, computer control, sensors, ...

Computer control integrally jack-up and ascend technology is an advanced steel structure with large equipment installation technology, which combines mechanical, hydraulic, computer control, sensors, monitoring technology at an organic whole, to solve the traditional hoisting technology and large hoisting machinery in lifting height, lifting weight, structural plane, the respect such as operation site couldn't overcome the problem.Using the technology to construction safety reliable, mature technology, advanced technology, economic benefit is remarkable.The technology adopts the "soft steel strand bearing, hydraulic cylinder cluster, computer controlled synchronous ascension" principle.Ascension or jack-up construction application of computer controlled synchronization of each point.

2. Technical indicators

The scheme of ascension or jack-up must consider bearing structure (permanent or temporary) and promoted the steel structure or the device itself, the strength, stiffness and stability.Make construction state performance analysis, whole stress on the structure and the calculation, some force, equipped with jack.For support or infrastructure construction and foundation should be checking carrying capacity and the overall stability, ensure the safety in the most unfavorable situation enough.The point of construction when the sync value should be reasonable selection by calculation.

Promote the principle of choosing the way one is to reduce the height of the bearing structure, guarantee the stability, the second is to ensure that promoted steel structure or equipment in the ascension of the stability and security in place.Determining the ascension of the position and the number of basic principle is: first of all to ensure promoted steel structure or equipment stability in the process of ascension;On the premise of ensure the safety and quality, reduce ascension points;Lifting equipment itself carrying capacity meet the design requirements.Improve equipment selection principle is: can satisfy the requirement of stress in ascension, compact structure, strong and durable, easy maintenance, meet the needs of the engineering, such as stroke, speed, safety protection, etc.).

3. The main technical characteristics of sliding method

 sliding method has wide applicability.Except one-way truss for small stiffness or bidirectional truss frame by increasing point (reduce) span, increase assembly platform width, and increase the number of platforms assembled truss at the same time, also can be installed by slip method.

 slip propulsion system can adopt computer control of synchronous hydraulic crawler.A high degree of automation equipment, convenient and flexible operation, good safety, high reliability, wide use of surface, strong commonality.

4. The main technical measures of slip method

1) preparation of construction scheme

Prepare to guide the construction scheme, construction includes: division of sliding units, assembly platform and ramp build-up, high altitude assembling, traction system, the article points slip or accumulating sliding, carride out in place, construction monitoring, emergency plan, etc.

2) high set-up and truss assemble assembly platform.

3) set the sliding track.

4) synchronous sliding system installation.

5) stress and strain monitoring: to ensure the construction in the controllable state.

5. Applicable scope

(1) the sports stadiums, theatres, hangar, steel bridge (gallery), and other large span roof and steel structure, has assembled conditions on the ground, and there was a better surrounding supporting conditions, can be adopted integrally jack-up and improve technology.

(2) the steel tower mast antenna, high component of the power plant boiler, etc.

(3), large gantry crane girder of the boilers and other large equipment.

6. Typical engineering has been applied

National library of the steel structure of the ascent, the capital international airport (10800 t) A380 aircraft maintenance library roof steel structure (10500 t), the overall ascension, shenzhen citizen center roof, new television tower in guangzhou, 130 mm * 4200 mm dongfang boiler factory, CNC hydraulic bending roll installation, offshore oil engineering (Qingdao) co., LTD. 800 t gantry crane x 185 m (4750 t) as a whole.

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